ShackCon 2016!

JUNE 24-26.

It’s ShackCon in the Big Easy! Come join us for a long weekend full of fun and events in a brand new location! We’re still cooking up plans, but here’s what we know so far:

We’ll be staying at the New Orleans Sheraton located in the French Quarter. We have a group rate for rooms at $169/night plus fees. Room registration is closed, but rooms may still be available at the going rate.

We have a fantastic party suite this year, where all are welcome to hang out and play video games, board games, drink, or cool off from the heat.

Registration for ShackCon 2016 is $175 per person, and includes dinner on Saturday night. Registration, as always, helps us pay for our party suite, all the alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks we’ll be providing to guests in the suite, and a limited-edition t-shirt designed by the community. Registration is required for every attendee.

Registration is now closed. If you haven’t registered and would like to attend, please SM BlackCat9 to make arrangements. T-shirt and dinner availability is not guaranteed.

Dinner will be aboard the Steamboat Natchez cruising down the Mississippi River while we enjoy a live jazz band. Enjoy a menu of southern favorites and classic cocktails. Dinner will be Saturday at 6pm. Late attendees will miss the boat, so get there at 5:45.

Shows? Events? Riding a swamp boat?
Probably! Suggest stuff you want to do. Better yet, figure out a time and place and we’ll make sure people show up.

Post your design for the official 2016 ShackCon t-shirt in the chatty. The best one will be chosen by June 6.

Check in the chatty for updates!

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ShackCon 2014!

Are you ready for another ShackCon? We’re putting together what we hope to be an epic ShackCon this year. Some things are different and some things we’re keeping the same. We hope it’s an experience that all our Shack brethren will love this year.

The ticket price is $160 and will be sold through June 16. Attendees after this time will need to contact me and may not be guaranteed a t-shirt.

Purchase ShackCon Tickets

Registration is closed for ShackCon 2014. Anyone who would still like to attend needs to contact BlackCat9 to make sure that late registrations can still be accommodated, and extra t-shirts will be extremely limited.


JULY 3-6


Yes, we’re offering something different and saying farewell to our beloved Platinum Hotel this year to offer a hotel on the strip. ShackCon group rates are available at Treasure Island for July 3, 4, and 5.

The rates are $70 on Thursday and $165 on Friday and Saturday, which averages out to $138, which is slightly more than what we would have paid at the Platinum, but with the benefit of not having to take taxis every time you go to the strip. Add $5/night for 2 queen beds. The hotel also adds $30 per person per night for each person over 2 in a room, as well as the usual Vegas hotel fees and taxes. Bookings outside of these dates will go for whatever the current price for those days is.

Group rates are no longer available as of June 6, but you can still attend. Call 888-503-8999 between 8AM and 7PM Pacific to book a room at the current rate, or choose from other hotels in Las Vegas.

We’ll also have the usual party suite to hang out in, play games, and the Saturday party with food and alcohol available for all attendees!


We’ve done the Vegas buffet routine, but if you’ve had your fill of creme brulee, we hope that you’ll be happy to hear that this year’s dinner is going to be at Hofbrau Haus. We’ll have schnitzel and beer to kick of Friday night’s events at 6:00 PM.

Why is the ticket price so much more than previous years? Since buffet attendance was usually almost or at 100%, we added the dinner price in to the ticket this year to make it more convenient.


Following dinner, we’ll be heading over to take in Absinthe, a show featuring gymnastics, comedy, and men with bulging packages / women with bountiful bosoms in spandex. The show is at 10PM on Friday night. Attendees can purchase their own tickets at the going rate, or buy from the group’s reserved VVIP tickets in the front row. Because Absinthe is a show with a lot of audience participation, the front row seats are going to get the most out of their money, so we encourage you to join us up front. Group ticket sales are over as of June 10 and anyone who wants to attend will need to contact the box office themselves.


Here are some of the things we’re cooking up:

  • Group show of Absinthe with VIP tickets
  • Pool party at the Encore Beach Club hosted by the new Shacknews owners
  • Dune buggies in the desert
  • Whiskey Club

More detail on these to follow. Check the ShackCon event calendar and post in a ShackCon thread if you want to plan an event.


T-Shirt designs are open to the community! Post your design for the official 2014 t-shirt. The best design will be chosen by June 13.


Watch the chatty for daily posts leading up to ShackCon. Also, follow the ShackCon Google Plus page to be able to post event photos and participate in the ShackCon 2014 Hangout.

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